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Vatican State

750 (1990 WA). The Holy See. The number of languages listed for Vatican State is 2. Of those, 0 are living languages, 1 is a second language without mother tongue speakers, and 1 is extinct.

LATIN [LTN] Indo-European, Italic, Latino-Faliscan. Decreasing use in Roman Catholic liturgy. There is an effort to revive it. Regular radio news broadcasts by Finnish Broadcasting Company. Latin-Italian dictionary to be published soon by the Vatican with contemporary words (1991). The Vatican Latin Foundation was established in 1976. National language. Bible 1385-1906. NT 1516-1943. Bible portions 1457-1945. Extinct.

MONASTIC SIGN LANGUAGE [MZG] Monastic communities, especially in Europe. Sign language. A second language means of communicating while maintaining vows of silence. Second language only. No mother tongue speakers.

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