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1,979,000 (1995). Part of Yugoslavia until 1991. Literacy rate 98%. Also includes Czech, German 20,000, Hungarian 10,500, Italian 3,000, Romani, Serbo-Croatian. Data accuracy estimate: B. The number of languages listed for Slovenia is 6.

BAVARIAN (BAYRISCH, BAVARIAN AUSTRIAN) [BAR] South Bavarian is in part of Gottschee and in the Bavarian Alps, Tyrol, Styria, including the Heanzian dialect of Burgenland, Carinthia, northern Italy; Central Bavarian is in the Alps and Lower Austria and Salzburg; North Bavarian in the north of Regensburg, to Nuremburg and Western Bohemia, Czech Republic. Indo-European, Germanic, West, Continental, High. Dialects: CENTRAL BAVARIAN, NORTH BAVARIAN, SOUTH BAVARIAN. Survey needed.

FRIULIAN (FURLAN, FRIOULAN, PRIULIAN) [FRL] A few in Slovenia; 600,000 in Italy (1976 Stephens). Indo-European, Italic, Romance, Italo-Western, Italo-Romance. Friulian, Ladin, and Romansch are separate languages. NT 1972. Bible portions 1860.

GERMAN, STANDARD [GER] 20,000 in Slovenia (J.A. Hawkins in B. Comrie 1988), 98,000,000 in all countries (1995 WA). Also in Germany, other countries. Indo-European, Germanic, West, Continental, High. Braille Bible. Bible 1466-1982. NT 1522-1983. Bible portions 1522-1987.

ITALIAN [ITN] 3,000 in Slovenia (1976 Stephens); 40,000,000 in all countries. Also in Italy, many countries. Indo-European, Italic, Romance, Italo-Western, Italo-Romance. Bible 1471-1985. NT 1530-1981. Bible portions 1531-1984.

SLOVENIAN (SLOVENE) [SLV] 2,000,000 in Slovenia (1985 Gunnemark and Kenrick); 45,000 in Austria (1976); 82,321 in USA (1970 census); 6,415 in Canada (1971 census); 4,205 in Hungary (1970); 100,000 in Italy (1987); 12,000 in Ukraine; 2,218,000 in all countries. Carniola and southern parts of Styria and Carinthia. Indo-European, Slavic, South, Western. Dialects: LOWER CARNIOLA, UPPER CARNIOLA. The literary dialect is between the two main dialects, based on Dolenjsko. Dialects are diverse. Most speakers are bilingual in Serbo-Croatian. National language. Typology: SVO. Braille Bible portions. Bible 1584-1985. NT 1577-1985. Bible portions 1555-1993.

YUGOSLAVIAN SIGN LANGUAGE [YSL] 30,000 in all countries (1986 Gallaudet University). Deaf sign language. Dialect: SLOVENIAN SIGN LANGUAGE. Serbian Sign Language used in Serbia is a dialect. Related to Austrian and Hungarian sign languages.

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