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4,544,000 (1995). Formerly part of USSR. Capital: Kishinev. 13,012 square miles. Literacy rate 99%. Also includes Belorussian 20,000, Crimean Turkish 1,859, German 7,000, Russian 562,000, Ukrainian 600,000, Tatar, possibly Yiddish. Data accuracy estimate: B. Christian. The number of languages listed for Moldova is 5.

BULGARIAN [BLG] 361,000 in Moldova (1979 census), 68% speak it as mother tongue; 7,531,000 in Bulgaria (1980); 9,000,000 in all countries (1981 WA). Also in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine. Indo-European, Slavic, South, Eastern. Christian. Bible 1864-1923. NT 1840-1927. Bible portions 1823-1994.

GAGAUZ (GAGAUZI) [GAG] 173,000 in Moldova (1979 census), 89% speak it as mother tongue; 12,000 in Bulgaria (1982 estimate); 198,000 in all countries (1993 UBS). Cultural center is Kishinev. Some also in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Romania. Altaic, Turkic, Southern, Turkish. Dialects: BULGAR GAGAUZI, MARITIME GAGAUZI. Has literary status. Cyrillic script introduced in 1957. Close to Turkish, but uses Russian Orthodox Christian religious vocabulary in contrast to the Islamic vocabulary of Turkish. Speakers have proclaimed autonomy from Moldova and appealed to Turkey for protection (1992 Time). Christian. Bible portions 1927-1996. Work in progress.

JAKATI (JATI, JAT, JATU) [JAT] 156,000 in former USSR (1979); 1,000 in Afghanistan; 157,000 in all countries. Also in Ukraine. Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, Central, South, Arabic. Called a Gypsy group; not related to Rom. The language is erroneously reported to be a dialect of Bangaru, but it is related to Arabic (I. Hancock). Different from Jadgali in Pakistan. Muslim. Survey needed.

ROMANIAN (MOLDAVIAN, ROUMANIAN, RUMANIAN) [RUM] 2,664,000 in Moldova (1979 census); 26,000,000 in all countries (1995 WA). Moldova, with capital at Kishinev. Also in Romania, Yugoslavia, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, USA, Canada, Australia. Indo-European, Italic, Romance, Eastern, North. Little dialect variation. Called 'Moldavian' in Moldova. Use Cyrillic script, in contrast to Romania, where Roman script is used. Many Gypsies in Moldova and southern Ukraine speak Moldavian as mother tongue. National language. Christian. Braille Bible portions. Braille Scripture in progress. Bible 1688-1984. NT 1648-1990. Bible portions 1561-1991.

ROMANI, BALKAN (GYPSY) [RMN] 12,000 in Moldova (1993 Johnstone); 1,000,000 in all countries (1980 Kenrick). Moldova; Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine. Also in Greece, Turkey, Iran, France, Germany, Italy, Romania, Hungary. Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Indo-Aryan, Central zone, Romani, Balkan. A Gypsy language. Ethnic groups: Ursári (Moldova), Karamítika (Ukraine), Romá (Crimean Peninsula). Muslim. Bible portions 1912-1937. Work in progress.

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