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3,840,000 (1995). Republic of Lithuania, Lietuvos Respublika. Independence from USSR 1991. 26,173 square miles. Capital Vilnius. Literacy rate 99%. Also includes Belorussian 63,000, Latvian 4,200, Polish 258,000, Russian 344,000, Tatar 5,100, Ukrainian 45,000, Romani, possibly Yiddish. Data accuracy estimate: B. Christian, Jewish. The number of languages listed for Lithuania is 3.

KARAIM (KARAITE) [KDR] 535 mother tongue speakers (16%) out of an ethnic population of 3,340 (1979 census). Lithuania and southwest Ukraine, small communities in the Crimean Peninsula, city of Galiche. Also in Ukraine. Altaic, Turkic, Western, Ponto-Caspian. Dialects: EASTERN KARAIM, NORTHWESTERN KARAIM, TRAKAY, GALITS. Close to Karachay and Kumyk. A literary language. Cyrillic and Hebrew scripts. National language of the Karaim. Jewish. Bible portions 1819-1889.

LITHUANIAN [LIT] 2,905,000 in Lithuania (including 3,460 Tatars); 10,031 in Belarus (Tatars); 2,205 in Estonia (Tatars); 10,964 in Kazakhstan; 430 in Kyrghyzstan; 35,000 in Latvia; 11,500 in Poland; 67,000 in Russia; 472 in Tajikistan; 224 in Turkmenistan; 1,040 in Uzbekistan; 300,000 USA (1991 UBS); 40,000 Brazil; 35,000 Argentina; 12,000 United Kingdom; 10,000 Uruguay; 14,725 Canada (1971 census); 70,000 west central Europe; 4,000,000 in all countries (1993 UBS). 98% in republics of the former USSR speak it as mother tongue (1989 census). Lithuania. Capital is Vilnius. Also in Australia. Indo-European, Baltic. Dialects: AUKSHTAITISH (AUKSHTAICHIAI, HIGH LITHUANIAN), DZUKISH, SHAMAITISH (SAMOGITIAN, ZEMAITIS, ZEMACHIAI, LOW LITHUANIAN). Roman alphabet. Dictionaries. Grammar. Lithuanian-speaking Tatar are Muslim. National language. Christian, Muslim (Tatar). Braille code available. Bible 1735-1930. NT 1701-1989. Bible portions 1625-1994.

LITHUANIAN SIGN LANGUAGE [LLS] Deaf sign language. Survey needed.

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