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264,000 (1995). Republic of Iceland, Lýoveldio Island. Literacy rate 100%. Christian, secular. Blind population 43. Deaf institutions: 2. The number of languages listed for Iceland is 2.

ICELANDIC [ICE] 230,000 in Iceland (1980 WA); 7,860 first language speakers in Canada (1971 census); 9,768 in USA (1970 census); 250,000 in all countries. Indo-European, Germanic, North, West Scandinavian. No appreciable dialect differences (Nida 1972). Not inherently intelligible with Faroese. National language. Typology: SVO. Braille code available. Bible 1584-1981. NT 1540-1979. Bible portions 1945-1995.

ICELANDIC SIGN LANGUAGE [ICL] Deaf sign language. Until 1910 Icelandic deaf people were sent to school in Denmark. The sign language is based on Danish Sign Language, but has changed and developed since then, so it is not the same today. Signed interpretation provided for college students. Instruction for parents of deaf children. Some signed interpretation and programs for the deaf on TV. There is a committee on national sign language. There is a manual spelling system. Dictionary. Survey needed.

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