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31,000 (1995). A British dependency. Literacy rate: 80%. Also includes Moroccan Arabic 2,900, from India or Pakistan 360. Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu. The number of languages listed for Gibraltar is 2.

ENGLISH [ENG] 3,300 in Gibralter (1993 Johnstone); 322,000,000 in all countries (1995 WA). Indo-European, Germanic, West, North Sea, English. National language. Bible 1535-1989. NT 1525-1985. Bible portions 1530-1987.

SPANISH [SPN] 266,000,000 in all countries (1987 Time). Indo-European, Italic, Romance, Italo-Western, Western, Ibero-Romance, North, Central. Bible 1553-1979. NT 1543-1986. Bible portions 1514-1985.

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