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771,200 (1995). Republic of Cyprus, Kypriaki Dimokratia, Kibris Cumhuriyeti. Literacy rate 94% to 99%. Also includes North Levantine Arabic. Data accuracy estimate: B. Christian, Muslim, secular. Deaf institutions: 2. The number of languages listed for Cyprus is 4.

ARABIC, CYPRIOT SPOKEN (CYPRIOT MARONITE ARABIC, MARONITE, SANNA) [ACY] 1,300 speakers, all over 30, out 6,000 in the Cypriot Maronite ethnic group; 140 Maronites in Kormatiki, mainly elderly; 80 to 100 in Limassol; the rest in the Maronite community in Nicosia. Kormakiti, one of 4 Maronite villages in the mountains of the Turkish-speaking northern sector, and in refugee communities in Nicosia and Limassol. Afro-Asiatic, Semitic, Central, South, Arabic. A hybrid language with roots in the Arabic of both the Anatolia and the Levant. Many borrowings from Syriac and Greek. No diglossia with Standard Arabic. Those in Kormatiki are bilingual in Greek or Turkish. Those in the southern sector are bilingual in Greek. They are called 'Maronites'. Christian: Maronite Catholic.

ARMENIAN (HAIEREN, SOMKHURI, ERMENICE, ARMJANSKI) [ARM] 2,740 in Cyprus (1987); 6,836,000 in all countries. Also in Armenia, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Greece, India, France, USA, Egypt. Indo-European, Armenian. Dialect: WESTERN ARMENIAN. Urban population. Most speak Greek. The older ones speak Turkish. Christian. Bible 1853-1978. NT 1825-1991. Bible portions 1840-1950.

GREEK [GRK] 578,000 in Cyprus (1995), 75% of the population; 12,000,000 in all countries (1995 WA). Nearly all in southern sector. Also Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Corsica, Italy, Romania, Albania, Russia, USA, Canada, Australia. Indo-European, Greek, Attic. National language. Christian. Bible 1840-1994. NT 1638-1989. Bible portions 1547-1949.

TURKISH (OSMANLI) [TRK] 177,000 in Cyprus (1995), 20% of the population 59,000,000 in all countries (1995 WA). Nearly all in northern sector. Also in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrghyzstan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Greece, Iran, Bulgaria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Sweden, Yugoslavia, USA, and Canada. Altaic, Turkic, Southern, Turkish. National language. Muslim. Braille code available. Bible 1827-1941. NT 1819-1991. Bible portions 1782-1985.

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