GOD, help the Roma people to experience the love of others that will free them from the prejudices that bind them. Soften the hearts of those who    meet these people so they might see their needs and their longing to contribute. We pray that the Roma people might hear the message and find spiritual Freedom in GOD.  Amen. Updated: 08-13-2013

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The fact WE ARE here TODAY proves GOD'S triumph !    Email:  rom70@comcast. net

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Not my will but yours O God, be done in me and through me. Let me be forever a channel of your blessings, today, now, to those I contact in every way.  Let whatever I do be in accord with what you,  God would have me to do,  and as the call comes,
" Here I am,  send  and use me in  holy service."

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The Dreamers; by Theodosia Garrison.  The Gypsies passed her little gate,  She stopped her wheel to see. A brown faced pair who walked the road,  Free as the wind is free;  And suddenly her tidy room A prison seemed to be. She watched the footer Gypsies pass;  She never knew or guessed, The wistful dream that drew them close,  The longing in each heart, Some day to know a home like hers,  Wherein their hearts might rest.

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" EL PELLE " ( The Strong One ) Rom "Blessed Ceferino Jiminez Malla" was beatified by Pope John Paul II on May 5th, 1997. His commemorative blessed feast day is May 4th.  " El Pelle " a strong willed Spanish Roma lived around Barbastro, Spain working mostly as a horse trader.  He was born into a poor Roma family in the region of Aragon. As he became more successful in his trade, he gained the reputation of being an honest man who tried to improve the relations between the area's Roma and the gaje or non-Roma . Deeply religious,  " El Pelle " was arrested in July, 1936 by an anti-clerical militia after he publicly defended a priest.  When asked whether he had any weapons,  " El Pelle " extracted a rosary from his pocket. At the age of 75,  he was killed by a firing squad along with a number of other priests and souls who had been arrested in the area by forces opposed to Gen. Francisco Franco. " El Pelle "...died for the faith that he lived out,"  the Pope said  " His life showed how GOD, Jesus Christ is present in various people and races and that all people are called to holiness".

Ave Maria
Yov sasti Mari, pherdi dey, Devel tusa, Punidi tu mashkir jul'ende I punido tire and'ako phel - Isos.
San Mari, Isoseskiri day, Mang Devles vash amenge papanenge, Akana i ade amare meripaskiri hor.  Ad'a teyavel.

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