August 9, 1999


Sugar-cane-juice sales could endanger future harvests

PINAR DEL RIO, Cuba August 5 (Víctor Rolando Arroyo, UPECI) - The internal consumption of guarapo, as sugar-cane-juice is called in Cuba, could endanger future development in the sugar industry, according to a a circular from the Ministry of Internal Commerce.

The new rules attempt to limit the diversion to internal commerce of the better part of the more than one million Hectares in sugar cane in the country now, asserting that such use could hinder the normal development of the sugar industry.

Circular No. 8, of the Ministry, calls for a guarapo stand to have certifications from the Ministries of Sugar and Agriculture, as well as the proper permits from the local government having jurisdiction.

After meeting the above requirements, State enterprises may not sell the juice beyond the limits of each facility. Private entrepreneurs must be sugar-cane producers to be allowed to trade in the juice.

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