September 6, 1999


Parents must contribute supplies to school

HAVANA, Cuba September 2 - (Manuel Antonio Brito López, BPIC) - New students at a central Havana school were required to contribute furniture and supplies to the school in order to register for the coming school year.

The administration of the public elementary school República de Colombia was demanding that parents take tables, chairs, buckets, brooms, detergent and other supplies to the school to register their children. According to teachers at the school, they don't have the necessary supplies to begin the school year.

Alfredo Escalona, a parent, said: "I had to bring in a table and a chair for my daughter's classroom so that they would register her. Otherwise, I would have had to look for another school that would accept her."

BPIC reporters found similar conditions in other schools in the Centro Habana municipality. This state of affairs directly contradicts recent declarations by Minister of Education Luis Ignacio Gómez, who stated that all the conditions and resources were in place to guarantee the start of the new school year.

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