FREE CUBA Foundation- Meetings Fall 1998
FREE CUBA Foundation


Fall 1998

Schedule of Events (Tentative)

 Organization      (1pm)	GC241B		Sep. 02, 1998
 General Meeting I (1pm)	GC 241B		Sep. 16, 1998
 General Meeting II(7pm)  	GC 243West	Sep. 23, 1998
 Human Rights I    (7pm)	GC 243West	Oct. 07, 1998
 Human Rights II   (1pm)  	GC 241B		Oct. 14, 1998
 Prep. for Concert (7pm)  	GC 243West	Oct. 21, 1998
 Free Cuba Night at the RAT 9pm Gracies Grill	Oct. 22, 1998  
 Non-Violence I	   (1pm)	GC 241B         Nov. 09, 1998
 Non-Violence II   (7pm)	GC 243West	Nov. 18, 1998
 Prep. for HR Conf (1pm)	GC 241B		Dec. 09, 1998
 Human Rights Conference (ALL DAY) TBA		Dec. 10, 1998

 November 9 meeting will be on Monday due to room scheduling difficulties.