Why Free Markets, Permanent Values, and Limited Government?

Why Free Markets, Permanent Values, and Limited Government?

The FREE CUBA Foundation basis its philosophical outlook in the works of Felix Varela, Jose Marti, Karl Popper, Edmund Burke, and Lord Acton. Varela and Marti teach us of what it is to be Cuban, and offer their own lives as examples of how we should live with dignity. Popper, Burke, and Acton teach us that positive change is a slow process occurring over time in a series of prudent steps not one grand human design of utopia. Furthermore, that the accumulation of power in the hands of the few leads to their corruption and the birth of tyranny. It is for these reasons that we believe that a combination of free markets, permanent (transcendant) values, and limited government are the basis for free societies.

Free Markets

Free markets are the only true form of economic democracy. We believe that the freedom to work, to invest, and to trade; to exercise that variety of freedom which is property in a system with stable and reliable money, and free competition is necessary for Cuba to be free

Permanent Values

A common set of moral and ethical values are necessary for the survival of culture. Cuba's value system was formed and nurtured by the West, and its foundation is in the African-Judeo-Christian tradition.

Limited Government

Limited government does not mean a weak government engaged in all things, but a strong government restricted to its proper role. That role is to preserve order and the rule of law while maintaining the maximum amount of liberty

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