Free Cuba Foundation Statement

We recognize that in these times of socio-political and economic collapse in Cuba:

That the Opposition to Castro must be united in common cause against the unjust and totalitarian system in Cuba.

That Socialism is a failed ideology due to its irrational and immoral nature.

That Free Markets, when truly free, offer both liberty and an improving standard of living and these truths are backed up both empirically and theoretically.

That over three decades of athiest and materialist ideology have devastated the ethical and material life in Cuba.

That the revitilization of the moral and spiritual life of Cuba is necessary for the survival of the Cuban nation.

That the Cuban Government's definition of social justice is legalized and collective robbery.

That true social justice is the collectivization of individual justice which respects and defends absolutely life, liberty, and property.

That Fidel Castro and his accomplices must be brought to justice.

Therefore the FREE CUBA Foundation shall compile and provide documentation of the crimes committed by the Castro regime against the Cuban people and those of other countries.

Furthermore the FREE CUBA Foundation shall work to: counter the network of Castro supporters in North America with accurate information on the true nature of the Castro tyranny, support measures to decentralize the Cuban economy, and provide information on how to operate a market system.

Finally the FREE CUBA Foundation aspires to do its part among the myriad of Exile organizations and exile leaders that have fought the good fight these past thirty years. Our goal is to serve as a catalyst and assist in speeding up the end of the Castro era and thus minimize the suffering of the Cuban people on the island and in the diaspora.

Last Updated: Sunday, January 07, 1996