Cuban Inter-generational Encounter

October 4, 1997

Florida International University

University Park Campus

Graham Center Ballroom

On October 4, 1997 at 9am a project over a year in the making will commence. The Cuban Inter-generational Encounter seeks to bring all Cubans together to meditate, discuss, and provide solutions to the problems gripping our nation at the present time.

9am   Invocation

9:15am "How to make a Cuban" - Juan Jose Fernandez de Castro

9:30am  Myth and Reality

        Distortion of History - Dr. Juan Clark
                                Dr. Rosa Leonor Whitmar
        Economic Implications - Ermes Estevez
                                Alexander Franco
        Medicine: Past and Present - Dr. Alfredo Melgar MD

10:30am Questions and Answers

10:45am Break

11:00am Cuba's Struggle for Liberty
         Stages and strategies of struggle in and outside Cuba
         Enrique Encinosa               Ricardo Bofill
         Ninoska Perez Castellon        Omar Lopez Montenegro
         Tony Rivera                    Yndamiro Restano
                Congressman Lincoln Diaz-Balart

12:15am Roundtable Discussion

12:30pm  National Identity Crisis
        Violations of the Rights of Childhood- Liana Prieto Arcia
        Primary Education/High School/University- Dr. Manuel Hidalgo
        Psychosocial Circumstances - Marta Oliva Fonseca
        Identity Crisis in the Diaspora - Eugenio Rothe

1:15   Roundtable Discussion

1:45pm  Lunch (Will be provided)
        Cuban Art and Book Exhibit
        Videos: Hermanos Caidos
                Rompiendo el Silencio

3:00pm  Religion
                Catholicism - Carlos Cabezas
			      Dr. Octavio Vasconcelos
                Protestantism- Rev. Martin Anorga
	   	Judaism - Dr. Moises Asis
                Santeria - Oba Ernesto Pichardo
                Jehovah's Witnesses - TBA

4:00pm Roundtable Discussion

4:30pm Path Forward (Passing the Torch)

  New Generation inside of Cuba and in Exile
                Ivan Curra
                Soren Triff
                Armando de Armas

  A fraternal setting for race, beliefs and points of view in a free Cuba.
                Dr. Rafael Diaz-Balart
                Richard Heredia
                Dr.  Josie Valdez-Hurtado
	        Orlando Gutierrez Boronat

5:45pm -Roundtable Discussion/Conclusions
         What is the most important goal for the future of Cuba?
         What support can the new generations actually provide for Cuba?

6:30pm  Presentation of Conclusions

7:00pm  Reception: Cuban Cultural Encounter

For more information call (305)787-5001 or write to Encuentro Inter-Generacional Cubano, Inc. at 6800 SW 40th Street Box 646 Miami, FL. 33155