Justice for the victims of the "13 de Marzo" Massacre: What can you do?

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- urging the Cuban government or international agency to conduct an exhaustive and serious investigation in order to identify, prosecute and punish those responsible for sinking the tug "13 de Marzo", an event which caused the deaths of 41 people. ;
- urging the Cuban government or international agency to recover the sunken boat and the remains of the victims and hand them over to their relatives. ;
- urging the the Cuban Government or international agency to pay fair compensation to the surviving victims and to the families of the dead.

E-mail for Justice

Contact them and request a serious investigation of the "13 de Marzo" Massacre:

E-mail or snail mail the Cuban Regime directly and demand justice for the "13 de Marzo" victims whose lives were destroyed on July 13, 1994.


1) Attorney General:
(Sr Fiscal General / Dear Attorney General)
Dr Juan Escalona Reguera
Fiscal General de la Republica
Fiscalia General de la Republica
San Rafael 3, La Habana
[Telegrams: Fiscal General, Havana, Cuba]
[Telexes: 307 511456 fisge]
[Faxes: 011 53 7 333164]

2) Minister of the Interior: (Sr. Ministro / Dear Minister)
General Abelardo Colome Ibarra
Ministro de Interior
Ministerio del Interior
Plaza de la Revolucion
La Habana

[Telegrams: Ministro Interior, Havana, Cuba]

Cuba has no embassy in the US at present. to contact its interest in the US, write

Cuban Interests Section
Mr. Alfonso Fraga Perez
2630 - 16th St. NW
Washington, DC 20009

Please send appeals immediately. Please send all comments, suggestions, or questions to FREE CUBA Foundation