Castro's crimes against Humanity

Free Cuba from What?

Fidel Castro's regime is guilty of numerous documentable crimes stretching from the jungles of Peru to the deserts of Ethiopia. Documented reports exist of Cuban troops in cahoots with the Ethiopian government denying food to starving Ethiopians because of their political ideology. In Latin America, Castro funded guerrilla groups throughout the hemisphere generating terror and fear for decades.

At home Castro's regime has created the most repressive police state apparatus in the Western Hemisphere. Cuba is an Orwellian nightmare set in the tropics with Big Brother sporting a beard and cigar. Cuba has refused to ratify any major international law enshrining fundamental human rights. It has refused to sign the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

Castro formed Committees for the Defense of the Revolution(CDR) which operate on almost every block in Cuba. Spying on neighbors and reporting back to the regime. Negative reports can land one in jail. Talking to foreigners invites questioning into your loyalty to the regime. Large numbers of individuals are incarcerated in Castro's prisons for political crimes ranging from speaking against the regime to trying to leave the island.

In June 1991 at a meeting between Fidel Castro and several members of various communist organizations, it was agreed to set up the infamous Rapid Response Brigades. Their principle aim is to "defend the country, the Revolution and Socialism in all circumstances, by confronting and liquidating any sign of counter-revolution or crime." Trying to leave Cuba without government sanction is a criminal offense punishable by prison. Due to this Cubans are unable to build larger more seaworthy crafts, and resort to innertubes, and in some cases fiberglass cannisters in search of freedom.

The Castro regime's response to the AIDS crisis has been mandatory nation-wide testing with forced incarceration for anyone who tested positive for the HIV virus. In addition, Castro has had a long tradition of imprisoning homosexuals and transexuals as "undesirables." Imprisonment is often based on mere suspicion and rumor. Recently it was reported that young people in Cuba are purposely "shooting up" with HIV infected blood so that they can go to these camps to avoid forced labor.

In a letter dated 14 September 1992 that was smuggled out of the same prison by a group of political prisoners, it was reported that a number of prisoners with AIDS rioted on 19 August demanding better food and medical attention. Guards used rubber batons, wooden sticks, and other blunt instruments and an unknown number of prisoners were injured. Several of the AIDS sufferers were transferred to the maximum security area of the prison. Two months earlier a prisoner with AIDS sent to this area had his food quota cut in half and the diet reccomended by doctors withdrawn. The prisoner died three weeks later. The fate of the others is unknown.

Castro's achievements bear mentioning and we shall list them here. First, his regime has had the longest serving political prisoner in world history: over 28 years. Cuba, in 1959 was economically self sufficient, and did not have the tourist-Apartheid of today. Tourist-Apartheid is the situation in which Cuban citizens don't have equal access to certain beaches or restaurants that Tourists do. Reminiscent of the system of segregation of the South, or of Apartheid in South Africa these conditions have been labeled "tourist apartheid."

In forty years Fidel Castro took an island with pre-existing progressive healthcare and drove it into the ground. In 1959 Cuba had 337 hospitals in 1989 the number had decreased to 264. Increases in other areas of Cuban healthcare did not manifest themselves on a per capita basis. Disease in Cuba has steadily increased since 1959. Suicides in Cuba more than doubled from a 1,011 figure for 1970 to 2,220 in 1989.

Remarkable achievements in just the course of 40 years.

F o u n d a t i o n

The purpose of the FREE CUBA Foundation is to begin grassroot movements throughout the Western Hemisphere, promoting the support for Cuba's internal democratic opposition.

The Foundation believes that Cuba must be free. What would we define as a "Free Cuba." One in which the millitary has been depoliticized and scaled back, the internal apparatus of repression dismantled, all political prisoners set free, the natural rights of people upheld, and that economic and political liberty be brought to Cuba.

FCF's model is that of the human rights activists who set the path for the hope of peaceful change in Eastern Europe through increasing awareness in the world community . In our case we shall target the Castro government's profiteering off of humanitarian supplies sent to the people who have suffered under Castro's tyranny for over thirty years.

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Last Updated: Sunday, January 07, 1996