Millenium's Three Wise Men Project


The Millenium's Three Wise Men Project was conceived in 1992 by Corriente Martiana, and was carried out through 1993 and 1994 with the support of the Catholic community in Cabañas -a town in the province of Havana- without interference from the government's political police. The project later came to a standstill for lack of its principal resource: donated toys and clothing to be distributed to children.

Next January 6 will the first Day of the Three Wise Men of the new millenium and Corriente Martiana wants to reactivate the project as a national and international project. We are appealing to the solidarity of the many Cubans that live abroad, as well as to the many inside the Island that may be able to help to take a little happiness to the neediest children in Cuba.

The Project

Traditionally January 6, the Day of the Three Wise Men, was an occasion for gift-giving to the children. The feast of the Epiphany is celebrated in churches, but it only reaches the children who attend.

Also, it is almost impossible nowadays for families without hard currency to buy toys and gifts for children.

Corriente Martiana wants to initiate a national and international campaign to collect toys and clothing and and distribute them to the neediest children on the Day of the Three Wise Men.


This campaign to revitalize the celebration of the Feast of the Epiphany has the following objectives:

First - To provide a moment of happiness to the neediest children and families in each community, without discrimination of any kind, by distributing the gifts that may be collected through charity.

Second - To foster evangelization by enclosing a message explaining the significance of that day according to Holy Scripture and Cuban cultural and religious traditions.

Third - To revitalize a traditional feast day in our culture.

To carry out this campaign we propose to establish the headquarters of Corriente Martiana as the coordinating center, with other components of the emerging civil society in the rest of the country, for the acceptance and distribution of donations of toys and children's clothing. New and used clothing may be sent to the center by Cubans residing abroad or by foreigners wishing to participate in this act of charity.

The success of this campaign depends on the support and solidarity of Cubans everywhere.

For more information, please address:

Prof. Moisés Leonardo Rodríguez Valdés
Corriente Martiana
Avenida 45 No- 2410 entre 24 y 26,
Cabañas, Municipio Mariel
La Habana, Cuba.

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