Compressed MPEG files (MP2 and MP3)

From now on the gregorian chant audio files page will offer you MPEG files. Shortly, it's a format that accomplishes, using special compression techniques, a great size reduction, without audio quality losses. With MPEG, the files would be smaller than the previous WAV and AU ones, although sounding better!

Now you can enjoy HIFI chants, no more with the walkman hiss! And audience noises will also be less!

There are several players for MPEG audio files. I was using MPEG layer-2 files (MP2), and have just started using layer-3 (MP3) files, because they are even smaller... so I advice using a layer-3 capable player, like Winamp (for Windows 95 or NT, 32 bits). It can be found in winamp, macamp (for Macs), nullsoft or here at this site (524kb, version 2.02), and is shareware. Options for Windows and many other platforms can be found at,, and You can save the files in your winchester right-clicking with the mouse, or you can even set-up your browser in order to play them automaticaly - see (But I found better to save the file in your disk and call the player later...)

General information about MPEG (audio and video) can be found in the home page.

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