Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

Building in Jerusalem

Folio 49v

Psalm CXXI, another gradual canticle, sings of the house of the Lord and construction within the city of Jerusalem: "We shall go unto the house of the Lord. Our feet were standing in thy courts, O Jerusalem. Jerusalem, which is built as a city, which is compact together."
In the miniature introducing this psalm the Limbourgs have depicted a construction site. It is not clear whether the building under construction is religious or secular.
The staircase, consisting of six visible steps and one which is probably hidden by King David's cloak, together with the buttresses, would seem to indicate a chapel, perhaps the Temple of Jerusalem whose construction was attributed to David.
One of the workmen perhaps carves a stone while the other manipulates the rope and pulley which brings up the building materials.

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