Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

David Beseeches God Against Evildoers

Folio 46v

Dressed in his habitual royal garb, the crowned David on his knees begs God to protect him against the evil, the boastful, the lying, the bloodthirsty, and the deceitful.
Wearing long robes and varied coiffures, these enemies are grouped hehind the praying King. Some watch him with pity and condescension, and others plot their rebellion.
Psalm V, transcribed below this miniature, begins: "Give ear, O Lord, to my words, understand my cry. "
Birds, a fly, and a butterfly appear in the marginal decoration. The initial letter contains the head of a bearded man holding an open book. These elements together with the miniature were executed by the Limbourgs.

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