Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

Christ in Glory

Folio 34v

This miniature illustrates Psalm XCVI which announces the reign of the Lord and the downfall of all worshippers of idols: "The heavens declared his justice: and all people saw his glory."
Enthroned on clouds, Christ shows His wounds and raises His right hand in a gesture of command. Two angels, possibly personifications of Justice and Equity, blow long white trumpets.
The prostrate supplicant figures below are the idolaters:
"Let them be all confounded that adore graven things, and that glory in their idols."
"His lightnings have shown forth to the world: the earth saw and trembled. The mountains melted like wax, at the presence of the Lord: at the presence of the Lord of all earth. "
Besides the miniature, the Limbourgs also executed the initial letter decorated with a blue flower on a golden background and the foliage graced by two magnificent birds.

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