Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

Judas Hangs Himself

Folio 147v

In his remorse after his treachery, Judas Iscariot returned to the priests the thirty pieces of silver for which he had betrayed Jesus, and committed suicide. (Matthew XXVII: 3-5)
This supplementary scene to the Passion was executed by Jean Colombe; the magnificent capital letters and marginal foliage were done at the time of the Duc de Berry.
Strangled by the noose around his neck, Judas dies with his features contorted in a hideous grimace. His cloak lies beneath him. On the hill at the left, we see the outer buildings of Jerusalem.
Several verses of the violent imprecatory Psalm CVIII, which follows this illustration, are applicable to Judas: "They have spoken against me with deceitful tongues; and they have compassed me about with words of hatred; and have fought against me without cause. Instead of making me a return of love, they detracted me... And he put on cursing, like a garment: and it went in like water into his entrails..."

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