Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

The Road to Calvary

Folio 147r

This miniature is closely related to the three preceding ones not only in the similar colors and figures but also in the diagonal formed by the procession from left to right, which here completes the cycle with a direction and movement similar to that with which it began in Christ Led to the Praetorium (folio 143r).
It is by far the most tragic scene, for Christ no longer goes in resignation to His trial but to His death. Carrying the heavy Cross, He turns to look tenderly toward his mother who, supported by Saint John, follows Him on His painful way, despite the threats of a soldier.
The scene recalls Simone Martini's small panel of the same event (c. 1340; Louvre). But, with a personal touch, the Limbourgs expressed all the pathos of the moment in Christ's tender sad look.

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