Letter from This Year's Kim Fung
Award Winner


(Names have been deleted to protect those discussed.)

September 28, 1996

How are you?

The prize money, magazines and others have been transmitted to me, thanks.

First I should express my condolence about Mr. Kim Fung passing away in his prime without accomplishing his goals in life. I also highly respect the relatives and friends of Mr. Fung acting to accomplish his wishes. I also thank Mr. _______ for helping me get the Kim Fung Memorial Prize for Human Rights.

I shall reply to the questions you raised in your letter:

1) I obtained news about Mr. A from Mr. B, who was released from Lingyuan Prison on the 12th of this month. Mr. A has been in solitary confinememt since Oct. 1992. He had to labor day and night and was constantly beaten by police. He also suffers from serious hepatitis and tuberculosis, and so his health has been going downhill. As a result, he was returned to the Ninth Brigade (formerly the Educational Brigade, where political prisoners were incarcerated). Mr. A suffers from many kinds of diseases, but the prison authorities nevertheless refuses to recognize his illness, and only gave him several health examinations, which process was videotaped (for propaganda purposes). Medical attention was however still denied to Mr. A. According to Mr. B, Mr. A's liver is constantly aching, causing him to sweat profusely, and prevents him from walking; he is suffering severely indeed. His family sends him liver medicine (this medicine should be taken continuously for three months, each bottle lasts three days, and each bottle costs Y 28), but the medicine is quite ineffective. The atrocious food in the prison made his conditions worse. Every day there is only vegetable soup, and there is not a piece of meat for months. Even when the food is so bad, one policeman named Cao nevertheless was engaged in corruption in the prisoners' food funds (he has now been arrested).

Even though Mr. A suffers from illnesses, he still keeps strongly his beliefs. Every June 4, he commemorates the Democratic Movement by engaging in hunger fast. He also files many appeals from prison, to express his belief that he is innocent.

Mr. A's family tells me that they have since 1992 continuously petitioned the People's Assemblies, courts and the judiciary to ask for medical parole for Mr. A. His father went to Beijing several times to petition authorities, but these reasonable requests have been totally ignored.

Mr. A's wife divorced him. His parents are over 60 years old, and his brother is paralyzed from the waist down.

Mr. C still suffers from serious deficiency in blood potassium, which can cause death if it is not treated in time. When his illness strikes, Mr. C often falls down to the ground, and he has to walk while leaning against the wall.

2) This year I am in better shape than last. So far, police has not yet raided my home or arrested me yet. But the City authorities and local police often come to my home to harass me, and occasionally they put a tail on me. Examples were during June 4, when a leader from central government came to ________; during the _______ Film Festival in August; during the "International Forum on the Propects of the 21st Century", and "Conference of World Parliamentarians" held in Beijing; and even at the opening ceremony of a local highway. They come sometimes during the day, and sometimes they come about 9 p.m. at night to my home. They sometimes stay as long as half a day, sometimes shorter. They interrogated and threatened me. I requested that those unreasonable regulations imposed upon me to be rescinded, and was always refused. A head of a bureau named Wang at the City Political Security Bureau even told me on Apr. 10 that those regulations will continue to be valid even after my prison term is over.

Police harassment makes it impossible for me to live a normal life, and even my family lives in constant fear.

My health is getting better, and my hemmorhoids have not caused any problem since the operation last year. But my twisted left shoulder is now constantly dislocated. My left leg is no
longer contracted, but full functions still have not resumed. My neck area aches periodically, probably because my head was kicked. X-ray examination in prison shows that there is foreign object lodged in my neck, but that result was later denied. In summary, my illnesses so far have not affected my work, and I shall leave them as is. Thanks for your concern.

Best Wishes,


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