June 4, 1996 Memorial Event

On June 4, 1996, supporters from seven human rights groups organized a commemorative event in honor of those who struggled for democracy in the 1989 student demonstrations in Tiananmen Square. Members from the Tiananmen Massacre Commemoration Committee, Alliance for a Democratic China (ADC), Alliance of Hong Kong Chinese in the United States (AHKCUS), Chinese Democratic Education Foundation (CDEF), Foundation for Chinese Democracy (FCD), Silicon Valley for Democracy in China (SVDC), Support Democracy in China (SDC), and Amnesty International were present to voice their support.

The ceremony began with a funeral procession from the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco to Portsmouth Square in Chinatown, where there was a wreath-laying ceremony. To see pictures of the procession and ceremony, click here.

Following the wreath-laying, there was a public Human Rights Forum held at a nearby hotel, at which three speakers gave their impressions on the current democracy in China. Todd Carrel a journalist, news correspondent, and Beijing Bureau Chief for ABC during the Tiananmen Square demonstrations, told of his brutal beating by Chinese authorities while trying to cover the anniversary of the 1989 massacres in Beijing several years after it had taken place. He was followed by Liu Gang, a Chinese student activist who recently escaped from China and who gave a harrowing account of the prison conditions in China. Finally, Harry Wu, a Chinese human rights activist and Executive Director of the Laogai Research Foundation, who has spent 19 years of his life in China's Laogai labor camps and continues to defiantly re-enter the country to research Chinese prisons, gave his thoughts on the current political situation in China. To see pictures from the Human Rights Forum, click here.

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