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We have recently commemorated the 7th anniversary of the brutal suppression of the pro-democracy movement in Tiananmen Square. Sadly, the human rights situation in the People's Republic of China continues to be dreadful. Hundreds of thousands of people are still detained every year without having been charged with a crime. Executions continue at a rapid rate as the number of crimes punishable by death increases. Those whose desire to practice their religion peacefully are given long prison terms. Chinese officials arbitrarily abuse the law and the government continues to harshly silence any words or actions it sees as a threat to public order.

As an organization, Support Democracy in China continues its seven year mission to educate the public and the media about China's human rights record. We also seek to bring to public attention the need for constant pressure to bring about democratic change in the PRC.

During the past year, SDC worked tirelessly in the campaign to free Harry Wu from Chinese detention with a very successful local media campaign to highlight his case. SDC organized letter writing campaigns for local high school students on behalf of Wei Jingsheng and his assistant and translator Tong Yi which generated over five hundred letters of support. This year's Tiananmen Memorial was the most successful collaboration ever with six other Chinese pro-democracy groups and Amnesty International. Our Human Rights Forum drew a large audience to hear Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, human rights activist Harry Wu, Todd Carrel, former Beijing bureau chief for ABC News and recently escaped dissident Liu Gang speak about continuing human rights concerns in China.

Now we are all facing a new crisis. In June 1997, the island of Hong Kong will be returned to the jurisdiction of the Chinese government. There have been ominous signs that the democratic freedoms that the Hong Kong residents have enjoyed may be canceled and autocratic and arbitrary rule will take its place. We must fight with all our energies to prevent this from happening.

There is much work to be done and we need your help. Your support of SDC is vital in order for SDC to highlight the case of Wang Dan and other dissidents, to keep the letters from students, church groups and public officials consistently going to PRC officials, to keep the media focused on the fight to keep Hong Kong's institutions democratic .

To lend your support to our efforts, please send e-mail with your name and postal address to Support Democracy in China. We'll promptly send you more information about our organization, including information about how you can support our cause.

Join us on the long, arduous journey toward freedom, democracy and human rights in the People's Republic of China.

Thank you for your support.

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