Laogai Research Foundation

December, 1995 Newsletter


Images of the Laogai
The Prisons and Prisoners of China’s Laogai System

Xinjiang No. 1 Prison
Also known as: Xinjiang No. 3 Machine Tool Works


Urumqi City, Xinjiang Autonomous Region
Build stage equipment in Xinjiang People’s Hall. 35% of prisoners are national minorities, 78% of whom are prisoners sentenced to lengthy terms. Produces model BE6063 shaping lathes.

Burati (Uighur)
Born: June 1910
Occupation: Peasant

Took part in Islamic rebellion. Spent 22 years in Kashi Laogai camp without trial. Imprisoned in Kashi, Pailau and Kuqa Labor Camps.

In 1971, he was taken to an execution ground along with 11 other prisoners. All other prisoners were executed, but he was taken back to the labor camp.


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