Laogai Research Foundation

December, 1995 Newsletter


Wu Speaks at Book Fair

Frankfurt, Germany, October 1995 (Excerpts)

 The PRC once said: "Communism is your heaven." They tell the world that "the Laogai is just a penal system like those in other countries." If you were to believe what they say, you would think that the Chinese gulag is the world’s best vocational training program.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of times, they have denied they export their forced labor projects throughout the world.

Recently, they told the world— Harry Wu’s case is a criminal case. It has nothing to do with politics. If anyone believes this they should immediately see a doctor.

I think that during the sixty-six days the Chinese held me, the world learned something that I and millions of other Chinese have known for a long long time- the Chinese Communists are liars. They lie about big things. They lie about small things. They lie to themselves. They lie to the world. They lie all the time. If you do not lie, you cannot become a Chinese Communist. They are living a lie. Most of them no longer believe in communism. They only believe in power.


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