Laogai Research Foundation

December, 1995 Newsletter

Letter to Harry Wu
an American Student

Since Harry Wu’s return from China in August, 1995, he has given numerous speaking engagements in the United States and Europe. Although he feels it is important to talk to as many different community groups as possible about the human rights abuses in the Laogai system, he particularly enjoys his speaking engagements with young people. The following is a letter sent by a high school student from Holy Names Academy in Seattle, Washington where Harry spoke on December 1, 1995. The Laogai Research Foundation thanks the faculty and students of Holy Names Academy for their support of our cause as well as thanks all of those groups that have invited Harry to speak about the Laogai.


December 1, 1995

Dear Mr. Wu,

Thank you for sharing your life with our school. Your life and work is inspiring. So often here in the U.S., we forget that there are people in the world who are suffering. Really horrendous things happen to people all over the world and it’s very easy for us to think that it doesn’t concern us. I am amazed at the horrible things people in our world will do to other human beings. We look at "lower" species on earth- like dogs or something, and think, "We humans are so much smarter than dogs. We’ve achieved so much." But what have we achieved? We torture each other, we persecute each other, we starve each other, we drop bombs on each other. In my opinion, we’ve achieved nothing until we know how to love each other unconditionally. That’s what I pray for everyday. I’m keeping you (and your work) in my prayers, because what you do is what will help people learn to love each other. 

Thank you,

Alexis Smith, class of 1997


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