Saint Mary of the Way Parish
Post Office Box 1614, San Salvador, El Salvador

San Salvador, May 13 1996

Beloved brothers:

Receive a warm and fraternal greeting in the Resurrected Lord Jesus Christ, from your brothers of Saint Mary of the Way Parish, in the Archdiocese of San Salvador, El Salvador.

Our parish dedicated to Saint Mary of the Way was erected two years ago by our dearly beloved and well-remembered pastor monsignor Arturo Rivera Damas.
Currently, we possess a 9,775 square meter site, obtained as a grant from the San Salvador municipality, and we intend to build on it the parish church dedicated to our patron, areas for the formation and growth of the community, a day-care center, and a health clinic for the most needy. We attach a topographical description of the parish, an architectural design, and the project's estimated budget.

Our scarcity of resources and your generosity move us to address you, to make you participants in the completion of this pastoral project. That is why we ask for your valuable support in the construction of our parish. Whatever your help is, for us it will be of great value.

For your support for this poor parish we will be eternally grateful. You can count on our prayers, and when you wish to visit us we will receive you with open and grateful arms. May God reward you!

Truly in Christ,
Saint Mary of the Way Parish

Norma de Diaz
Parish Council Secretary

Saint Mary of the Way Parish, Archdiocese of San Salvador

Rev. Tobias Alberto G.
> Parish Priest

(signed and sealed)
Archbishop of San Salvador

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