Construction Project

Spanish Version

The plot is ten thousand square meters in area, roughly in the shape of an inverted triangle. A parking area will be developed on the southern tip, while the church and other buildings will be placed on the wider, northern end.
On the northwestern corner of the plot is the house for the parish priests.
The larger rectangular structure next to it is the church, while the three six-sided buildings are the classrooms for the community, the day-care center, and the health clinic.
Tall trees will be planted around the buildings, to create a serene garden-like environment.

The triangle on the facade over the main door breaks the monotony of the roof's flat surfaces, and creates additional space for stained-glass windows.
The bell tower is a traditional element of Catholic architecture.

The lateral elevations are the result of a rectangular footprint, so designed for economy and speed of construction. The highest elevation is over the altar, to underline its importance.

Behind the altar and a low back wall, the crucifix is suspended over an interior garden to symbolize the sanctity of nature. Above the altar, there is a stained-glass representation of the Last Supper.
To the right of the altar, visually separated from it by thick columns, is a baptismal chapel with a pool for baptisms by total inmersion.
On the left is a secondary chapel for quiet prayer before the Holy Sacrament.

Viewed from outside, this is how all the elements will come together.

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