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GULLAH ( Geechee, Sea Islands Creole English )

Spoken by 250,000 people in the coastal region from Jacksonville, North Carolina to Jacksonville, Florida, and especially on the Sea Islands off the Georgia coast, USA.
Linguistic Lineage for Sea Island Creole English
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We Papa een heaben,
leh ebrybody hona you nyame
cause you da holy.
We pray dat soon you gwine
rule oba all ob we.
Wasoneba ting you da want,
leh um be een dis wol,
same like e be dey een heaben.
Gee we de food wa we need dis day yah an ebry day.
Fagibe we fa de bad ting we da do.
Cause we da fagibe dem people wa do bad ta we.
Leh we don't habe haad test wen Satan try we.
Keep we from e ebil.

Source: "De Good Nyews Bout Jedus Christ Wa Luke Write".
The Gospel according to Luke in Gullah (1995)
Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl - E-mail WKuhl44238@aol.com

Another version

Lord's Prayer
Lord's Prayer

Source: " De Nyew Testament" - The New Testament in Gullah Sea Island Creole with marginal text of the King James Version.
The Sea Island Translation Team in cooperation with Wycliffe Bible Translators.
American Bible Society 2005.

Gullah New Testament in PDF format

Contributed by Wolfgang Kuhl E-mail WKuhl44238@aol.com


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