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Xenophon. Greek liturgy, on Jan 26. He served as imperial senator in Constantinople in the days of Justinian I (518-527). He was a pious man and after dividing his properties, Xenophon and his sons John and Arcadius entered the monastic life in the wilderness of Judaea. The three saints are highly venerated by the monks of the monastery of St. Sabas. - The Palestinian-Georgian calendar has the feast on Jan 26. The AA.SS. mention on Jan 26: Xenophon et Maria, Arcadius et Johannes. (Maria is perhaps the wife of Xenophon).

Xibiach Francesco (died 1771). Xibiach and Monton Antonio (died 1759) built very large organ systems, one for the church of St. John Baptist in Ain Karem, and the other for the old church of St. Saviour in Jerusalem.

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