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Blessed Adeodata Pisani

Terezina (later known as Maria Adeodata) was born in Naples to the Maltese Baron Benedict Pisani Mompalao and the Neapolitan Vincenza (nee' Carrano) on December 29th 1806, .In 1821, her father was deported to Malta. From 1825, she lived at Rabat (Malta) and in 1828 decided to join the Benedictine cloistered nuns of Saint Peter's Monastery at Mdina where she changed her name to Maria Adeodata. She disposed of her property helping not only her father but also her family and the poor for which reasdon she had set apart a substantial sum. She lived for 25 years in perfect observance of a cloistered life at St. Peter's Monastery as a Benedictine nun consecrated to God. Nothwitstqnfing her noble origin she lived in simplicity and shared with the other nuns the daily life and toils of the monsastary. She also shared her daily food and belongings with the poor. For two years (1851-1853) she was Abbess of the monastery although she tried hard not to accept this office. Cardiac problems led to her renounciation of this office. On February 25th 1855, after receiving Holy Communion in church she collapsed and died after receiving the last rites. She was declared venerable by Pope Leo XIII in 1898.


8/5/01 - Malta

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