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Memories of a visit
25-27 May 1990

Arrival at Airport

Guided by divine providence I have come to confirm the ancient faith that the Apostle of the Nations brought here at the dawn of Christianity. I also come as a pilgrim, to experience at first hand the vitality of your local Churches, to pay homage to the past accomplishments of all those who have responded generously to the Gospel and have brought forth works of faith, hope and love for the glory of God and the salvation of the world. (St. John's Co- cathedral)

At Ta' Pinu - Gozo

Today Malta's families must still rely upon Mary's motherly protection and care as they face new challenges to the fulfilment of their vital mission to individuals and all society. (Ta' Pinu - Gozo)

At St. Paul's Islands

The dedicated response of so many of Malta's sons and daughters to the Lord's call is a cause for great rejoicing and bears witness to the spiritual fruitfulness of the Christian faith which the Apostle Paul brought to these islands so long ago. (Mellieha)

Entering Grand Harbour

The task then which the Pope leaves to the workers of Malta is to integrate the world of work into the world of faith. There can be no separation between the traditions of the Catholic faith, manifested at Sunday Mass, and the sense of commitment, honesty, justice and brotherhood shown in the work place during the week. (Cottonera)

At Ta' Qali Stadium

Today the Pope makes his appeal to you: never be afraid to give yourselves fully to God as you strive to live out the vocation he has given you in Christ... I am confident that from your generosity and youthful enthusiasm the Lord will bring forth rich fruits for the life of the Church and for the good of Malta. (Ta' Qali Stadium)

At the Granaries- Floriana

More than once in her history Malta has been admired and praised for her uncompromising defense of the Christian faith and her willingness to endure heroic sacrifices for the sake of the culture which that faith nourished and sustained. In our own days, as Europe prepares to enter a new period of its history ... Malta is called to contribute to the spiritual unity of the Old Continent by offering her treasures of Christian faith and values. Europe needs Malta's faithful witness too! (The Granaries Floriana)

At St. Paul's Grotto - Rabat

The figure of St. Paul illuminates the missionary task that Christians face today. His writings put vividly before us the central message of the Gospel: that Jesus Christ is our only Saviour and that we find eternal life through faith in him. (St. Julians)


8/5/01 - Malta

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