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Minister General of the Franciscans arrive for Papal visit
Amman 19.03.2000

Friar Giacomo Bini ofm, Minister General of the Franciscan Order, arrived in Amman from Rome, accompanied by Fr. Peter Williams ofm, member of the governing body of the Order. Fr. Bini came purposely to be with the Friars here and welcome his Holiness, together with the Custos of the Holy Land, Fr. Giovanni Battistelli ofm, on behalf of the Franciscans who have always considered the Holy Land as the most important of their missions entrusted to them by the Holy See. Fr. Bini was welcomed at the Airport by the Custos of the Holy Land and Fr Hanna Jallouf ofm, director of the Terra Sancta College, Amman. The Minister General will tomorrow be at Mount Nebo where the Pope will start his pilgrimage with a moment of reflection overlooking the Promised Land.

Friar Giacomo Bini, was born in Italy in 1938, entered the Order in 1956, was ordained priest in 1964. Since 1983 he was in Africa until he was called to give this service to the Order in 1997. He speaks Italian, French, English and Kiswahili.



The Minister General during an earlier visit to the Holy Land

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