Pilgrims who visited the Holy Land between the IV and VII century

The Pool and Church of Betzatha (Probatica)

The "Probatica"

The Crusader Church of St. Anne stands beside the ruins of the ancient church of St. Mary of the Probatica. According to a Christian tradition, handed over by the apocryphal book "Protevangelium Jacobi" or "The Gospel of James", the virgin Mary was born from a priestly family in Jerusalem and presented to the Temple when she was only three years old. At the age of twelve Mary was bestowed to Joseph and went to Nazareth. St. Mary's church was partially built above the Probatica pool to commemorate the healing of the lame man, as narrated in the Gospel of John (5,2-18). Several masonry piers, more than 14 m high, supported the floor of the basilica.

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