Pilgrims who visited the Holy Land between the IV and VII century

Mount Sion - Praetorium - Probatica - Gethsemane
[20:55-72] Mount Sion

Matt 26:17-30 (Last Supper)
John 13:1-17 (Washing of the feet)
John 20:19-31 (Apparitions)
Acts 2:1-13 (Descent of the Holy Spirit)
Acta Pilati 21-26 (The Descent into Hell)
Transitus Virginis 37-45 (Mary's death)

And, speeding on,
may I pass to Sion
where, in the likeness of fiery tongues,
the Grace of God descended;

where, when he had completed
the mystic supper, the King of All
teaching in humility
washed his disciples'feet.

Blessings of salvation, like rivers
pour from that Rock where Mary
handmaid of God, childbearing for all men,
was laid out in death.

Hail, Sion, radiant Sun of the universe!
Night and day I long and yearn for thee.

There, after shattering hell,
and liberating the dead,
the King of All, the Shatterer
appeared there, the Friend.

 The Cenacle

The Last Supper

The "Dormitio"

The Column of the Flagellation [20:73-80] The Holy Wisdom (Praetorium)
Matt 27:11-31 (Pilate questions Jesus)

Then let me leave Sion's summit
and, embracing the stone
where for me my Creator was smitten
go down to the House and the Stone;

And let me fall to the ground and venerate -
I am oppressed by tears! the spot
where the foremost of those who love Wisdom
heard his own sentence.

[20:81-94] St. Mary at the Probatica

Protevangelium V-VI (The birth of Mary)
John 5:2-18 (The healing of a lame man)

Let me enter the holy Probatica,
where the all renowned Anna bore Mary.

And enter the church,
church of the all-pure Mother of God,
there in veneration to embrace
those walls, so dear to me.

Far be it from me, passing through the forum,
to neglect the place
where the Virgin Queen was born
in noble palace!

May I behold that floor
where the paralytic went
at the behest of the Healing Word
to lift his bed from the ground.

The "Probatica"

The lame man

The Tomb of the Virgin Mary [20:95-102] At Gethsemane
Transitus Virginis 48-50 (Mary is buried)

Spiritual bliss will fill me
when I hymn the glorious sanctuary
of Gethsemane, which has received the body
the body of Mary,
who gave birth to God.

There they have built the tomb
for the Mother of God.

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