Pilgrims who visited the Holy Land between the IV and VII century

The Anastasis building today

The Anastasis today

The church of the Anastasis is an aproximately rounded church having in its center the Aedicule, a small building containing the empty tomb of the risen Christ. The present Aedicule was built in 1808 A.D. by the Greek architect Nikolaos Comninos in Ottoman baroquesque style. A new, flashing decoration of the cupola above was inaugurated in 1997, marking the end of a long restoration process. The originally 4th century Constantinian edifice, to whom some of the lower parts of the "Rotunda" (or "round church") date back, was damaged in 614 A.D. by the Persian armies, and reduced to rubble by the Egyptian Caliph Al-Hakim in 1009 A.D. Since no reference to the Persian conquest of Jerusalem is found in Sophronius' "anacreontica" 19 and 20, the composition of these two poems should be put at an earlier date.

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