Pilgrims who visited the Holy Land between the IV and VII century


The Apostles Peter and Paul
The city of Antioch as represented in the Peutinger map
The headland of Carmel and the Mediterranean sea

The Text: 5. From Tarsus to Caesarea Palaestina

    City of Tarsus in Cilicia - miles xii.

    Here was born the Apostle Paul ( Acts 21:39) [pct.13].

    Total from Angora in Galatia to Tarsus 343 miles, [580] 25 changes, 18 halts.

    Change at Pargais - miles xiii.
    City of Adana
    (Adana) - miles xiv.
    City of Mansista
    (Mopsuestia, Missis) - miles xviii.
    Change at Tardequeia
    (Kurt Kdiak) - miles xv.
    Halt at Catavolum
    (Castabala) - miles xvi.
    Halt at Baie
    (Baiae, Piyas) - miles xvii.
    Halt at Alexandria Scabiosa
    (Iskanderun, Alexandretta) - miles xvi
    [581] Change at Pictanus (Beilan) - miles ix.

    Frontier of Cilicia and Syria.

    Halt at Pagrius (Pagrae, Begras) - miles viii.
    City of Antiochia
    (Antioch, Antakia) - miles xvi.

    Total from Tarsus in Cilicia to Antioch 141 miles, 10 changes, 7 halts.

    City of Antiochia (Antioch, Antakia) [pct.14] - miles xvi.

    Total from Tarsus in Cilicia to Antioch 141 miles, 10 changes, 7 halts.

    To the palace of Daphne (Beit el Ma) - miles v.
    [582] Change at Hysdata - miles xi.
    Halt at Platanus - miles viii.
    Change at Bacchaiae - miles viii.
    Halt at Catelae - miles xvi.

    City of Ladica (Laodicea, Latakieh) - miles xvi.
    City of Gabala
    (Jebeleh) - miles xiv.
    City oí Balaneas
    (Banias) - miles xiii.

    Frontier of Coele Syria and Phoenicia.

    Change at Maraccae - miles x.
    Halt at
    Antaradus (Tartus) - miles xvi.

    Here is a city in the sea, two miles from the shore [ftn.1].

    Change at Spiclis - miles xii.
    [583] Change at Basiliscum - miles xii.
    Halt at Arcae
    (Area, Caesarea, Arka) - miles viii.
    Change at Bruttus - miles iv.
    City of
    Tripolis (Tarabulus) - miles xii.
    Change at Triclis - miles xii.
    Change at Bruttus alius - miles xii.
    Change at Alcobilis - miles xii.
    City of
    Berytus (Beirut) - miles xii.
    Change at Heldua
    (Khan Khulda) - miles xii.
    Change at Porphyrion
    (Porphyreon) - miles viii.
    City of
    Sidon (Saida) - miles viii.
    Thence to
    Sarepta - miles ix.

    Here Helias went up to the widow and begged food for himself ( 1Kings 17:1-16; Luke 4:23-30).

    Change at 'ad Nonum' (at the ninth milestone ?) - miles iv.
    [584] City of Tyre (Sur) - miles xii.

    Total from Antioch to Tyre 174 miles, 20 changes, 11 halts.

    Change at Alexandroschene - miles xii.
    Change at Ecdeppa
    (Achzib, ez-Zib) - miles xii.
    City of
    Ptolemais (Accho, Akka, St. Jean d 'Acre) - miles ix.
    Change at Calamon - miles xii.
    Halt at
    Sycaminos (Haifa) - miles iii.

    [585] Here is the Mount Carmel [pct.15], where Helias offered sacrifice ( 1Kings 18:19-40).

    Change at Certa - miles viii.

    Frontier of Syria, Phoenicia, and Palestine.

    City of Caesarea Palaestina (Kaisarieh), that is, Judaea - miles viii.

    Total from Tyre to Caesarea Palaestina 73 miles, 2 changes, 3 halts. [follows]


1. The ruins of the city of Aradus are still exant on the island of Ruad, situated in front of Antaradus, now Tartus (Syria). back

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