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The city of Akko, seen from the sea
He has inscribed a circle on the face of the waters at the boundary between light and darkness … Behold, these are but the outskirts of his ways, and how small a whisper do we hear of him! Jb 26:10.14
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bullet 31.5.2005: Jerusalem clergy appoint new head
Archbishop Cornelios takes over from Patriarch Irineos, who is entangled in a row over the sale of church land in East Jerusalem to Jewish investors. (BBC)

bullet 30.5.2005: Concrete Gestures Achieve Unity, Says Pope
Benedict XVI reiterated his commitment to Christian unity, saying that he will offer "concrete gestures" to foster progress on the ecumenical path. (Zenit)

bullet 30.5.2005: Walking the tightrope to peace
The performers belong to the Jerusalem Circus, which was founded as an attempt to bring together different groups in the community. Thus, in the midst of the Jewish-Arab conflict, these young people are forming a circus. Among them are new immigrants from English-speaking countries and from the Commonwealth of Independent States, native Israelis from Jerusalem and Beit Safafa, secular and religious. (Haaretz)

bullet 28.5.2005: Celebration of the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of the Lord in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre of Our Lord Jesus Christ (26 May)
The celebration of the solemnity of the Body and Blood of the Lord was held in the Basilica of the Holy Sepulchre with all due solemnity in this year dedicated to the Eucharist, which marks the central aspect of the Christian life and of the celebration of Sunday, the Lord's day. (CTS)

bullet 27.5.2005: Christians in Holy Land in Crisis, Says Report
A mix of poverty, discrimination and violence makes the future of Christianity in the Holy Land "hang by a thread," warns a German-based international charity. The crisis of Christians in Israel "is so severe" that a team of officials from Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) visited the country to see firsthand what assistance it could provide. (Zenit)

bullet 27.5.2005: In Bethlehem, Rosaries Are an Economic Lifeline
Christians in Bethlehem are pursuing an ambitious goal of making a rosary for everyone attending World Youth Day in Cologne this summer. (Zenit)

bullet 27.5.2005: The battle for Jerusalem
Uninterrupted by progress in the peace process, a quiet struggle has been taking place since 1967 over the future sovereignty of East Jerusalem. Real estate transactions, construction permits, and bulldozers are the weapons of choice in this conflict. (ISN)

bullet 26.5.2005: Christians Push Nonviolence in Holy Land
"As Christians we believe in nonviolent peacemaking, that we need to act out of love and not violence," said Hunsberger, explaining why she decided to become a Peacemaker. (Beliefnet)

bullet 26.5.2005: Eirinaios Stricken from Diptychs
The Synod of the provosts of the autocephalous Orthodox Churches and their representatives convened and discussed the situation created recently at the Church of Jerusalem and after long deliberations it decided on recommending to the Patriarch of Jerusalem to hand in his resignation, so that peace may prevail in Church, however, since Eirinaios denied to do so, the Panorthodox Synod decided to denounce him and strike his name from the Orthodox Diptychs. (ERT)

bullet 25.5.2005: Bethlehem Mayor Says He'll Preserve City
On his first day at work Tuesday, Mayor Victor Batarseh emphasized that he is a church-going Roman Catholic and will preserve Bethlehem as a Christian town, even though his ruling coalition is dominated by the Islamic militant Hamas. (Seattle Post Intelligencer)

bullet 24.5.2005: Religion and the issue of Jerusalem
It has often been assumed that the problem of Jerusalem is exceptionally difficult because of religious claims made upon the Holy City and its holy sites by members of the three monotheistic religions. (Amin)

bullet 24.5.2005: Fleeing Iraqi Christians on road to Damascus
When President Bush, a born-again Christian, launched the 2003 war against Iraq, he probably didn't expect one result - that Iraq, once a secular nation, would become especially dangerous for Christians.(SPTimes)

bullet 23.5.2005: Anglican-Catholic Commission Unites on Mary
Mary need no longer be an obstacle to union between Anglicans and Catholics, according to a document published by a joint council of the two Churches. (Zenit)

bullet 23.5.2005: Interview With Co-secretary of Joint Commission
The statement on Mary released by the Catholic-Anglican commission marks a step forward in unity between the two churches, according to the Roman Catholic co-secretary of the commission. (Zenit)

bullet 21.5.2005: Israel honors late pope John Paul II with stamp, Galilee park
Israel is honoring the late Pope John Paul II with a commemorative stamp recalling his visit in 2000 and dedicating a park in his name in the Galilee, Israel's embassy to the Holy See said Friday. (Haaretz)

bullet 21.5.2005: Jerusalem patriarch asks God to reconcile Israelis, Palestinians
Latin Patriarchate Michel Sabbah prayed for God to "reconcile the hearts" of Palestinians and Israelis in his homily on Pentecost, May 15. The date marked both Israeli independence day and the day which Palestinians commemorate as the day of the loss of their land. (B.C. Catholic Newspaper) - Scroll down -

bullet 20.5.2005: What does Jerusalem mean to you?
Interfaith program on Jerusalem at Kol Ami. The congregation is holding the roundtable discussion "Jerusalem: The Disputed Holy City: What Christians, Jews and Muslims Say About the World's Most Contested Property." Christian, Jewish and Muslim representatives will participate. (Baltimore Sun)

bullet 20.5.2005: Bethlehem Christians Worry About Islamic Takeover in Jesus' Birthplace
Christians in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, are concerned that their city may slowly become an Islamic stronghold following recent municipal elections in which radical Islamic groups took a number of seats. (Town Hall)

bullet 19.5.2005: Arboretum tour shows thriving plants of Holy Land
Whether you view the Bible as a religious reference or as a history book and nature guide, the Plants of the Bible tour at Boyce Thompson Arboretum provides a fascinating look at today's natural world as it relates to the world that existed centuries ago. (Ahwatukee)

bullet 18.5.2005: Government should help Christians detained in Saudi Arabia, says Bishop of Lahore
Pakistani immigrants arrested because they were celebrating mass in a Riyadh home. Pakistan should treat the case without any religious discrimination; they are citizens like everybody else, say Mgr Saldanha. (AsiaNews)

bullet 18.5.2005: Ceasefire pushes Israel over hump
These are hard times for Kojak the camel. With the three-month-old Israeli-Palestinian ceasefire wobbly but still intact, tourists are streaming to the Holy Land in numbers not seen in years. By early afternoon yesterday, Kojak had already borne a dozen riders, and his day was set to get worse. (The Globe and Mail)

bullet 17.5.2005: The Custodian of the Holy Land and Guardian of Mt. Zion presides at Vespers in the Upper Room of the Cenacle
As in previous years and following the tradition of Jerusalem, conserved by the Franciscan Order, the procession took place to the location of the Descent of the Holy Spirit – Pentecost Sunday. (CTS)

bullet 17.5.2005: Christian girl runs off with young Muslim. Violence erupts in Bethlehem
A love feud straight out of "Romeo and Juliet" has erupted in the West Bank over the clandestine romance of a 16-year-old Christian schoolgirl and a wealthy Muslim eight years her senior. Vatican, U.S., Palestinian president intervene after street violence erupts. (SF Chronicle)

bullet 15.5.2005: Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II in the Holy Land
A representative delegation of Armenia left for Israel. The Armenian delegation includes Catholicos of All Armenians Garegin II and other ecclesiastical and civil officials. The patriarch stated“this visit will mark the new wide dialogue between the two religions and peoples.” At that he announced the beginning of“a new epoch in relations between Jews and Armenians.” (PanARMENIAN.Net)

bullet 13.5.2005: Cross of olive wood sent from Jerusalem at Athens Conference
With the arrival by sea of a 4 mt high cross of olive wood sent from Jerusalem the 13th Conference on World Mission and Evangelism organised by the World Council of Churches opens in Athens today. (Fides)

bullet 12.5.2005: Greek-Orthodox Patriarch Ireneos I expected to be removed on Sunday
Jordan’s King Abdullah II is expected to confirm the removal of Ireneos I from the post of Greek-Orthodox Patriarch on Sunday, May 15, or Monday, May 16, this according to Jordanian lawmaker Audeh Quawas who headed a parliamentary committee of inquiry into the sale of Church property worth US$ 1.5 million. (AsiaNews)

bullet 12.5.2005: Catholics and Jews can look to future with confiden
Pope Benedict XVI said yesterday that Roman Catholics and Jews could continue dialogue and look with "confidence" toward the future. Benedict made the comments in a note prepared for the 90th birthday of Elio Toaff, the former chief rabbi of Rome who welcomed Pope John Paul II on a historic visit to Rome's synagogue in 1986. (Haaretz)

bullet 11.5.2005: Second Sport Festival (5 May)
The General Secretariat for the Christian Schools in Palestine held on the Grounds of The Freres School at Beit Hanina, the second Sport Festival for the Christian schools in Jerusalem. (CTS)

bullet 11.5.2005: Holy See Links Peace, Respect for Life at U.N.
Global peace and security is possible only if life is respected, stated the Holy See to the U.N. General Assembly that commemorated the end of World War II. (Zenit)

bullet 11.5.2005: Radical Christian peacemakers arrive in Palestine and Israel
A new group of 18 radical Christians trained in nonviolent resistance have arrived in Palestine and Israel as part of the World Council of Churches (WCC) Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme. (HCEF)

bullet 11.5.2005: Anglicans, Catholics, Lutherans ready to mediate in Jerusalem
Anglican, Lutheran and Roman Catholic leaders have offered to mediate in a scandal that has seen the Greek Orthodox Patriarch for the Holy Land Irineos I deposed by his own bishops over allegations he authorised the transfer of church property to Jewish investors. (ENI)

bullet 9.5.2005: Separation Wall clear violation of international law
The route of the West Bank separation wall is a clear violation of international law and must be moved to inside Israel, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel said Thursday. The statement was presented to the Israeli High Court of Justice ahead of a discussion scheduled for Monday on a number of petitions on the issue of the wall. (IMEMC)

bullet 9.5.2005: Gregory III Laham: No to fundamentalism, hope for a peaceful Arab world
An utter rejection of fundamentalism and hope for a peaceful and reconciled Arab world. These are the main contents of an apostolic letter “The 50th day” written by the Greek-Melchite Patriarch, Gregory III Laham, of Antioch, Jerusalem and Alexandria. (AsiaNews)

bullet 7.5.2005: Becoming the builders of peace (6 May 2005)
The Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation organized a special march for peace in the Holy Land. The children, belonging to the various Christian communities, started at 9:00 from the Mount of Olives, near the site of the Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ and the "Our Father" church, the well-known prayer sanctuary where Christ taught the Lord’s Prayer to his disciples. (CTS)

bullet 7.5.2005: The Church of Jerusalem celebrates the Solemnity of the Ascension (5 May 2005)
The Solemnity of the Ascension is a feastday of obligation in the diocese of Jerusalem. The other feastdays of obligation are Christmasday, Epiphany and the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. These feasts are celebrated on the very same day of the event they commemorate. (CTS)

bullet 7.5.2005: Islamic Moderates Put Hopes in Benedict XVI
Benedict XVI's view that religion can be used to defend human rights gives hope to Islamic conservatives, according to the director of the Center of Studies on New Religions. In a book that takes into account the initial reactions of the Muslim world to the election of Benedict XVI, Massimo Introvigne reports that "centrist and conservative" Islamics are looking to Benedict XVI "to find interlocutors in the West that will give them the necessary support to prevail over fundamentalism." (Zenit)

bullet 7.5.2005: Palestinian elections: Fatah leading, Hamas only at 33 per cent
According to a Bethlehem University sociologist, the population wants reforms to continue as well as take part in the political process. There is no future without the participation of all parties, including Hamas. (AsiaNews)

bullet 7.5.2005: Heraclius and Chosroes or The Desire for the True Cross
he following essay by Barbara Baert (Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium) is based on a paper discussed at the workshop "Courtly Culture Outside the Court," 28-31 December 2003, at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (Israel and reflects aspects of my work on the Legend of the True Cross. (Bible Interp)

bullet 6.5.2005: Internet traffic very high during last month of April
The recent death of the Holy Father John Paul II and the election of his successor Benedict XVI have had a big impact on the internet all around the world., our web space provider for almost a decade, had a strong month too. (CTS)

bullet 5.5.2005: Kingdom of Heaven, the new Orlando Bloom epic set during the Crusades
The term applies to the often bloody struggle between Christian and Islamic faiths for primacy over the spiritual treasures of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, which dates back to the 11th Century. (BBCNews)

bullet 4.5.2005: Stronger ties with the Catholic Church, says Patriarch Ignatius IV Hazim
During Easter Mass in Damascus, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch urged the faithful to renew their faith in the future and expressed a desire for a single calendar for all Christians. (AsiaNews)

bullet 3.5.2005: A new letter from Louis Bohte
Many things happened last week, but let me start with a good encounter. I wanted to visit a South African woman, Hermina Damons, as we agreed once near the checkpoint. Last Thursday I went to Jerusalem. Before reaching the wall I saw near the Caritas baby hospital, that Israel is building another wall. One of the pictures shows it. (CTS)

bullet 3.5.2005: "To Greet the Orthodox Churches and the Eastern Orthodox Churches"
I address you for the first time from this window, which the beloved figure of my predecessor made familiar to innumerable people worldwide. (Zenit)

bullet 2.5.2005: Holy Land a challenge as pope reaches out to others
Palestinian Christians have a particularly large cross to bear _ cut off from land, restricted in movement, exposed to violence and often unable to visit the sacred sites where Jesus once walked. (TheStar)

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