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  • NAZJU FALZON (01.07.1813-01.07.1865)
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  • HIS DEVOTIONS   by Dr. Joseph Sammut

  • 21.04.2001

    Nazju had a very great devotion towards the Holy Eucharist. Fr. Pacifico Spagnol O.F.M. says: "I came to know Nazju in our church, where many times during the week he used to take part in the first Mass of the day. This Mass was celebrated at 5.00 a.m. Nazju received Holy Communion every time and used to spend quite a long time in Thanksgiving." He took part in the sacrifice of the Mass more than once every day in various churches. He also used to go to Confession frequently, sometimes twice a week.

    Many other persons testify to Nazju's devotion towards the Eucharist. (We may mention Fr. Francis Debono O.F.M. of B'Kara; Brother Diego Bonanno O.F.M. of Valletta; Fr. William Portelli of Valletta; Karmena Calleja of B 'Kara (where Nazju used to spend the summer months) Brother Eduardo Cretien O.F.M. of Valletta and Eugenia Bugeja of Valletta.)

    Nazju used to lend a hand in the housework so that Marianne Agius, the family servant might not miss going to Church to receive Holy Communion everyday.

    Nazju was very much devoted to the Passion of Our Lord. He used to pray the Way of the Cross everyday and also spent some time praying before the Crucifix.

    Mark Anthony Said of Tarxien says: "One day, my father happened to be at Nazju's home. When he was passing by the chapel he got a glimpse of Nazju, who was kneeling in front of the Crucifix. Later he saw Nazju raised about one meter above the ground. My father was so much astonished that he could hardly speak. When he explained what had happened to Nazju's brother and to the maid servant, they told him to calm down because the same thing had happened before."

    Other devotions which featured prominently in Nazju's spiritual life were those towards the Archangels Michael and Raphael, St. Joseph and St. Joseph Labre'. Nazju even contributed to the expenses involved in the cause for the Beatification and Canonization of Joseph Labre'.

    Nazju suffered a lot from heart spasms. However, he always showed compli-ance with God's will. He never grumbled but said he was a sinner and was in need of purification.

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