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  • NAZJU FALZON (01.07.1813-01.07.1865)
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  • THE CHOICE   by Dr. Joseph Sammut

  • 21.04.2001

    Nazju's father wanted him to become a doctor of laws, because other members on both sides of the family had already practiced this profession. On his part, Nazju did not feel himself very much inclined to follow such a career. However, in order not to disappoint his father, he started to prepare himself to enter University. Fr. Joseph Mizzi gave him lessons in Latin and Italian. Afterwards he studied philoso-phy under the tutorship of Fr. Joseph Mizzi. He also mastered the English language so well, that soon he could write it with ease and speak it fluently. This was, quite an achievement on his part, because during Nazju's life-time very few Maltese learned English as a foreign language. On the 7th September 1833, at the age of 20, Nazju graduated doctor of laws. However, he had no intention whatsoever of practicing his profession. In the words of his brother Fr. Francesco "he obtained his degree, not because he had any intention of working as a lawyer, but because this was the tradition in our family."

    When Nazju was 15 years old, he had already made his choice. On the 21st December 1828, he was instituted a cleric in a ceremony conducted by Bishop Mgr. Publius M. Sant at the Jesuit Church in Valletta. Three years later, Nazju received the Minor orders.

    Many persons thought that Nazju Falzon would continue on the road leading to the priesthood. The Bishop of Malta and Nazju's friends exhorted him to think seriously about it. However, Nazju insisted that he did not consider himself worthy of such an honor. God in His infinite wisdom had other plans for him.

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