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  • NAZJU FALZON (01.07.1813-01.07.1865)
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  • 24.04.2001

    This morning, at 12.45 am, at the Vatican Congregation for the Causes of Saints His Holiness Pope John Paul II signed the decree of beatification of Nazju Falzon and Adeodata Pisani. Present for the ceremony were the respective postulators, together with the Maltese bishops Joseph Mercieca and Annetto Depasquale and the former Nuncio for Malta Mons. Laboa. These decrees pave the way for the possibility of the beatification ceremony of these two new Maltese Blessed to be held during the Pope's pilgrimage to Malta next May during the beatification of Dun Gorg Preca. The Postulator for the cause of Nazju Falzon, Fr. Luca de Rosa ofm, when contacted about this possibility affirmed that this now is more to happen but we have to wait for the official decision which will be published in the Vatican daily newspaper.

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