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  • NAZJU FALZON (01.07.1813-01.07.1865)
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  • SPIRITUAL MAXIMS   by Nazju Falzon

  • 21.04.2001

    (from the booklet "The Comfort of the Christian Soul")

    What will it avail us to gain the whole world and lose our souls?

    All things will have an end; eternity will never have an end.
    No sin, however slight, is a trifling evil.
    To be saved we must always be afraid of falling.
    Sin is the only evil of which we need be afraid.
    Whatever God wills is all good, and ought to be all that we desire.
    He who wills only what God wills is always happy, whatever may happen.
    I ought to imagine that there is nothing else in the world but God and myself.
    The whole world cannot satisfy our hearts, only God can satisfy them.
    All good consists in the love of God and the love of God consists in doing his will.
    All our riches are in prayer. He who prays, obtains what he asks for.
    What is a Christian, if he cannot submit to an affront for Christ's sake?
    When you are injured, smile at the injuries you receive.
    To him who recollects that he has deserved hell, all pain and suffering are light.
    An obedient soul is the delight of God.
    True charity Consists in doing good to those who do evil to us, in order to gain them to virtue.
    What do riches and honors avail at the hour of death?
    It is a great favor of God to be called by him to his love.
    God leaves no good desire unrewarded.
    Every attachment, even to good things (except to God) is not good.
    A holy life and the pleasures of senses are incompatible.
    He who confides in himself is lost.
    He who confides in God can do all things.
    What greater pleasure can the soul enjoy than to know that it is pleasing to God.
    The only way of sanctity is the way of suffering.
    By aridities and temptations God proves those who love him.
    Let us pray to God to give us a tender devotion to his Blessed Mother.
    No kind of disquiet even on account of good things, comes from God.
    He who desires only God, is rich and happy: he is in want of nothing, and sets the world at nought.

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