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  • Franciscan Studies Credits
    • (FS01) Francis and Clare of Assisi: Life and Charism
      (Noel Muscat)
        Introduction to Franciscan Studies:
        Methodology and Bibliography
    • (FS02) The writings of St. Francis:
      (Noel Muscat)
        1) Rules
        2) Testament and Admonitions
        3) Letters
        4) Prayers of St. Francis
    • (FS03) The writings of St. Clare:
      (Julian Sammut)
        1) Rule
        2) Testament
        3) Letters to Agnes of Bohemia
    • (FS04) Medieval Sources for the life of St. Francis and St. Clare
      (Joseph Benedict Xuereb)
        1) The "Franciscan Question".
        2) Thomas of Celano
        3) The "Legenda Maior" of Bonaventure from Bagnoregio.
        4) The non-official "Legends" and the "Fioretti".
        5) Canonisation Process and the Legend of St. Clare
    • (FS05) History of the Franciscan Movement
      (George Aquilina)
        1) The medieval society and the initial Franciscan fraternity
        2) The Community and the Spirituals.
        3) The Observants and the papal bull "Ite Vos" (1517).
        4) "Felicitate Quadam" (1897) and the Order of Friars Minor
    • (FS06) The origin of Franciscanism in Malta during the XV century
      (George Aquilina)
    • (FS07) Biblical sources of the Franciscan Charism
      (Marcello Ghirlando)
    • (FS08) The Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land
      (Marcello Ghirlando)
    • (FS09) The Franciscan contribution in Biblical Archaeology
      (John Abela)
    • (FS10) Franciscan Philisophy
      (Ivo Tonna)
        1) The School of Paris
        2) The School of Oxford
    • (FS11) Theology of the Franciscan Doctors
      (Noel Muscat)
        1) Saint Anthony of Padova
        2) Saint Bonaventure from Bagnoregio
        3) Blessed Duns John Scotus
    • (FS12) Church Fathers and Franciscan Spirituality: St. Augustine's influence.
      (Sandro Overend)
    • (FS13) The Saints of the Franciscan Calendar
      (Guido Schembri)
    • (FS14) The Order of St. Clare
      (Rose Therese Ellis OSC)
    • (FS15) The Franciscan Secular Order
      (Noel Muscat)
    • (FS16) Female religious Congregations in Malta.
        (Representatives of:
        Franciscan Missionaries of Mary
        Franciscan Missionaries of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
        Franciscan Sisters of the Heart of Jesus)
    • (FS17) Franciscan Retreat Ministries
      (Marcellino Micallef)
    • (FS18) History of the Franciscan Missions
      (Noel Muscat)
    • (FS19) The Franciscan Missionary Charism (John Schranz)
    • (FS20) Franciscan Ministry for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation
      (Raymond Camilleri)
    • (FS 21) The Franciscan Ministry of Evangelization
      (Raymond Camilleri)
    • (FS22) Franciscan Ministry in Pastoral Catechisis
      (Daniel Bartolo)
    • (FS23) Franciscan Ministry in Spiritual Direction
      (Partecipants of Franciscan Internship Program)
    • (FS24) Franciscan contribution to European Art, Literature and Culture
      (Norbert Ellul Vincenti)

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