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73. Rama. A voice was heard in Rama


Ramale, pro quo Aquila interpretatur exaltabitur. Scriptum in Zacharia. Est autem et alius locus in tribu Beniamin iuxta Bethleem, de quo dicitur: "vox in Rama audita est". et de hoc in libris Hebraicarum quaestionum plenius dicitur.
(Jerome 147:27-149:3)


Eusebius, Onomasticon 146:28-148:2 (ca. 295 A.D.); Jerome 147:27-149:3 (ca. 390 A.D.)
Ramale [Ramade] (Zech 14:10 LXX), which Aquilas translates "will be exalted", in the book of Zechariah. But there is also [Rama] in the tribe of Benjamin near Bethlehem, another place of which it is written: A voice was heard in Rama" (Jer 31:15). This is discussed in full in my book 'Hebraicae questiones'.


Gen 35:16-20 The death of Rachel
Then they journeyed from Bethel; and when they were still some distance from Ephrath, Rachel was in childbirth, and she had hard labor. 17 When she was in her hard labor, the midwife said to her, "Do not be afraid; for now you will have another son." 18 As her soul was departing (for she died), she named him Ben-oni; but his father called him Benjamin. 19 So Rachel died, and she was buried on the way to Ephrath (that is, Bethlehem), 20 and Jacob set up a pillar at her grave; it is the pillar of Rachel's tomb, which is there to this day.

Gen. 48:7 The burial place of Rachel
And as for me, when I came from Padan, Rachel died by me in the land of Canaan in the way, when yet there was but a little way to come unto Ephrath: and I buried her there in the way of Ephrath; the same is Bethlehem.

Jer 31:15-17 "A voice is heard in Ramah"
Thus says the Lord: A voice is heard in Ramah, lamentation and bitter weeping. Rachel is weeping for her children; she refuses to be comforted for her children, because they are no more. 16 Thus says the Lord: Keep your voice from weeping, and your eyes from tears; for there is a reward for your work, says the Lord: they shall come back from the land of the enemy; 17 there is hope for your future, says the Lord: your children shall come back to their own country..

Matt 2:16-18 The massacre of the Innocents
When Herod saw that he had been tricked by the wise men, he was infuriated, and he sent and killed all the children in and around Bethlehem who were two years old or under, according to the time that he had learned from the wise men. 17 Then was fulfilled what had been spoken through the prophet Jeremiah: 18 "A voice was heard in Ramah, wailing and loud lamentation, Rachel weeping for her children; she refused to be consoled, because they are no more."


Itinerarium Burdigalense 598 (333 A.D.)
Four miles from Jerusalem, on the right of the highway to Bethlehem, is the tomb in which was laid Jacob's wife Rachel.

Hieronymus, Ep.108 (Peregrinatio Paulae) 10 (385 A.D.)
Going on towards Bethlehem, she paused where Rachel's Tomb stands on the right of the road, the birthplace of Benjamin - 'not Benoni', 'son of my sorrow' as his mother named him as she lay dying, but Benjamin 'son of my right hand', the prophetic name which his father gave him, inspired by the Holy Spirit...
Then, her joy mixed whith thears she began to say: "blessed Bethlehem, 'house of bread', birth place of the Bread that came down fron heaven! (Joh 6:33) Blessed Ephrata, 'Carpophorus' region most fertile, whose fertility is God! Of thee in old time Micah spoke this profecy, "And thou Bethlehem, house of Ephratah..."

Anonimus Placentinus, Itinerarium 28 (ca. 570 A.D.)
On the way to Bethlehem, at the third milestone from Jerusalem, lies the body of Rachel, on the edge of the area called Ramah. There I saw standing wather which came from a rock, of which you can take as much au you like up to seven pints. Everyone has his fill, and the water does not become less or more. It is indescribably sweet to drink, and people say that saint Mary became thirsty on the flight into Egypt, an that when she stopped here this water immediately flowed. Nowadays there is also a church building there.

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