Places of Section 9

Ascalon, Gaza, Negev, Sinai

130. Rhinocorura - (al-'Arish)

Three towers and a gate in the city wall. Red roof inside the walls could be part of churches.

Then to Rhinocolura, so called from the people with mutilated noses that had settled there in early times; for some Aethiopian invaded Aegypt and, instead of killing the wrongdoers, cut off their noses and settled them at the place, assuming that on account of their disgraceful faces they would no longer dare do people wrong.
Now the whole of this country from Gaza is barren and sandy, but still more so is the country that lies next above it. (Strabo, Geographia, XVI,2,31-32)

Map Section 9 Ancient Sources Discussion

Photo: The northern coast of Sinai from Gaza to the Suez Canal.

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