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Mount Ephraim and Benjamin

52. Gabaon - (al-Jib)

The white toponym is complete. But the small vignette is not clear. On the map Gabaon is shown too far to the east.

Gabaon (Jos 9:3-17), whence the Gibeonites came as supplicants to Joshua. This was once a great city and a capital of the Hivites, and fell into the lot of Benjamin. And now there is a village of this name at about four miles from Bethel to the west, near Rama and Rem-mon, set apart for the Levites. Solomon offered a sacrifice there and was granted an oracle. (Eusebius, Onomasticon 66:11-16; Jerome 67:10-15)

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Photo: The ruins of ancient Gabaon rest on a round imposing hill.

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