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Peraea and Dead Sea

17. Aenon, where now is Sapsaphas - (Wadi Kharrar)

The symbol underneath shows an enclosed spring and something like a conch. Neither the church nor the monastery, both built by the patriarch Elias of Jerusalem (518) and mentioned by John Moschus, are represented on the map.

In that part od the Jordan is the spring where Saint John used to baptize, and which is two miles from the Jordan, and Elijah was in that valley when the raven brought him bread and meat. The whole valley is full of hermits. (Anonymus Placentinus 9,7-9)

It is the place called Sapsas. Close by to the left is the torrent of Chorath, where Elijah the Thesbite was sent at the time of the drought, in front of the Jordan. (Moschus, Pratum Spirituale,1)

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Photo: The spring near Elijah's hill in wadi Kharrar.

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